483 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY 10024 | 71 West 71st St., New York, NY 10024

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Manhattan NYC, April 10, 2014: Polpette Restaurant

The popular Upper West Side restaurateur, "Nicky Meatballs" Mormando, has newly opened his second eatery, POLPETTE by "Nicky Meatballs" at 483 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY. Located in the historic Upper West Side district of Manhattan between West 83rd and 84th, this new neighborhood restaurant will delight its clients with Italian specialty dishes and a "nouveau" twist. Pronounced: pohl/PET/tee, meaning meatball, the restaurant offers many variations of the award-winning recipe developed by Nick Mormando. Nicky Meatballs, a well-known fixture at his very successful Bello Giardino Restaurant on 71 West 71st Street, is the winner of the "BEST MEATBALLS IN NYC" competition in which more than fifty New York City restaurants competed. Nicky's prized meatballs also earned him the opportunity to compete in Food Network's Meatball Competition hosted by television personality Giada DeLorurentis.

Polpette's menu features not only meatballs, but also assorted culinary dishes inspired by Nick's regional Italian background. A spectacular wine list complements every dish and signature cocktails such as the Romanhattan have been perfected by the amazing mixologists. Italian beers are available on tap along with regional beers from Brooklyn and the Bronx. Even the background music will entice you into feeling perfectly at home.

Polpette is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. "Small plates" are always available and the kitchen remains open late into the evening.

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